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PayPal manual FREE!

I give you the manual about PayPal, maybe you'll learn something new from this material.
Today such information is sold in the markets, I give it for free.
If anyone has such guides, share them with all like-minded people.
I wish all the big money in the dark network.


This is the most important part of fraud – makes no sense if you are caught. Here is a simple
OS for the workstation. When it comes to VPN, it does not really matter the one you choose – however go for a VPN that is not in the USA and does not keep LOGs. If I have to recommend a few VPNs, I should point you to mullvad and There are people who will prefer to work with vmware workstations and others virtualbox. However, you should go for virtualbox – its open source and whonix has less problems and bugs.
You also need to add another layer of protection; this is where encryption comes in. there are a lot of software that can help you with this but I prefer veracrypt. If you want a more advance setup you should use qubes OS – contact me for this.
There is a comprehensive carding and OPSEC guide coming out soon, if you have bought this guide, you will get it for free.
You should also feel free to contact me and we shall go through your OPSEC together and identify any kind of problem.
The first step here is to know where to get the good stuff, accounts that are well phished and not resold. Here there are people who love to make their own MM accounts and others buy them. Its best to make them if you know how to.
There are MM accounts and cashout accounts. On this tutorial, I will mainly work on your cashout account – you can make them from inactive hacked accounts or make them with high end fullz then age them slowly.
Here are a few sites where you can get good hacked accounts:

1. – personal best
2. - slilppnyhik6febe.onion


The best way to approach this is to use a mobile that is well setup. Mostly when I use a PC I get a verification problem, but none when I use a mobile. When you buy hacked account, log in and check the balance and the logins are working.

ATO METHOD 1 – most auto shop will provide details on the last transaction on the account, go for the account with the longest inactive period.

• Get a spam vendor – I get them from
• Log into the account after primary email has be bombed enough.
• The 3rd step is crucial add your own VCC to the PayPal – important when you are login back.
There are other experts that propose deleting the existing bank account and CC on the

• With that done, you can comfortably change email and the accounts password. I could have
added you change the number to a google voice number, but we all know they are not
working oflate – if you can get a real number go ahead and change it.

• Keep the email bombing for roughly 7 days. If the account passes the time, you have
successfully ATOed the account and its ready for slight aging and then cashing or being used
as an MM.

• There is a technique where people are targeting accounts with expired domain names – this
means the account is inactive. You might be wondering what this means. There are people
who prefer to use their hosted emails i.e. This means I am not using
main stream email provider. I am able to easily check if domain is active or not.
If it’s not active, then you can easily ATO the account without having to bomb the primary
email. I rarely us this method, because it’s hard to get such PayPal’s.

• If you are an advanced PayPal user, there is a more technical way to ATO this big accounts
with large balance. I have heard a number of people call it the “email access method” if this
PayPal holder was stupid enough to be hacked or phished off his PayPal logs, you can do the
same for his PayPal. This is a technical method and it’s not for everyone. With AB gone I
don’t have valid contacts I can refer you to for web injectors and others tools you need for
this method. However, if you got an extra 100usd, you can register at there you
will get all the tools you need for this.

• If you a serious with cashing out hacked funds, this should be your method. You can have
your tools as complex as it gets and you may be able to grab cookies, IP details and
useragents. With these at your disposal, you will have a smooth cashing out process.


As I had pointed earlier, VOIP numbers like google voice are increasing the fraud flag when used.
There is a small trick one can use to get non VOIP numbers. We shall use virgin mobile. The first
thing you get is a prepaid card for virgin mobile (from wallmart), should be worth around 40usd.
You then head to the site and register with the fullz you are using, you shall use the pried card as
mode of payment in the site. You will also need a burner phone to activate the numbers. You can
further use this non VOIP numbers to create google voice numbers. You can change the virgin
number every 24hrs, that means you can authorize one google voice every 24hrs. you can scale this
to as much as you want.
There are people earning from offering this service on the dark web.


The first thing you need to know is that, not all funds qualify to be used as aging funds – the
source of funds should be from a processor that PayPal can trust not just any random PayPal
account. This is a common mistake people are doing and they end up frustrated because PayPal can
already pick up the trend.
You should never send a specific amount so it appears to be a trend. Start small and
gradually increase the value of the amount. Another mistake most people do is linking their
middlemen accounts – please don’t use the same funds to age multiple accounts. PayPal will be on
your ass in no time. This is because they can pick up a trend already.
For those familiar with aging process should already know the use of a breaker
site/processor. The easiest one to use is am sure you wondering how that is even
possible. There are a lot of respected vendors on the site. What you do is choose one that exchange
bitcoin funds to PayPal funds. Always insist on goods and services funds – they always work good for
me. Here is a little tip for you, if you card with US cards, get a US vendor and the same should apply
for the location of your cards or hacked accounts. If at any moment you find your country is not
included, go for US or UK vendors.
There are people who ask about time aging, this is a very volatile topic. If you are aging a
fresh account, always ensure you age it for more than 1 month. If it’s an ATOed account one month
of aging with similar amounts you intend to send will do the trick. From my opinion, when am doing
large amounts 2-3 of clean aging does the trick for me. One last thing, ensure a few last transactions
are close enough to the amounts you intend to send.
There is another common site called I don’t use it a lot but basically what people do is
sign up on the site and get products where they can “sell” and get close to 100% commission back.
This is a method that reduces loses – it’s just like buying clean funds @ 80-90%. I won’t go into much
details since its self-explanatory. There is a trick here I read somewhere. You write to support and
pretend to be a big shot marketer. This ensures that your funds will not go into held for whatever
ORDER TO MAKE A GOOD ACCOUNT. In case you have any questions please contact me.
For example, there are people who age their accounts by selling legit shit to legit users on
the internet. This is a good method, however, it will take long and you might even not get those
clients. This is one of the best methods – it makes your PayPal trusted by PayPal bots because the
funds are from legit users not any random “clean” funds. As I said earlier on, not all funds are aging
funds, not all non CB funds will make your account strong – so do your research well before settling
for any specific vendor. I can’t point you to any vendor since AB is dead.
I could talk and talk about PayPal and its complicated systems but I will not. There are
complicated methods to make transfers and/or hijack PayPal accounts and use them without the
knowledge of the owner. This is where you employ the use of BOTs and other tools to gain access to
vulnerable PayPal accounts. It’s a complex and very expensive process, in case you want to learn it,
you can talk to me on the side.
PLEASE don’t share this -
Head there and you will also get aging funds and MMs too
It’s a small market that can provide you with quality stuff there.
Let’s keep it within the pony family.
In this part of the lesson we shall go through a number of PayPal transfers you can do and a rough
information of how to make them.


Carding funds has been associated with a lot of problems. These problems are; most cards being
attached to an existing PayPal and PayPal activating 3D security on some EU countries. With such
challenges, most people will choose to stay away from them – this should not be the case. Carded
funds have their good side, if you use a breaker site you will have 3 days to cashout before
chargeback hits your account. This is enough time to cashout your funds. I have a personal method
and personal BINs – if you interested in this PM me and I will teach you the method live.
The site I personally use to make this transfers is the one listed below. They offer 30-day trial and
from there you have to pay for their services. From the time I have used the site, when I pay for it, I
have more success rate than when I don’t pay for it. However, you should also know cards and
PayPal accounts have a larger effect on your success rate.
There are people asking me of the kind of products to sell on our broker site. You can’t sell physical
products because of the usual problems associated with them in case of a quick CB. Personally I sell
logical digital products. You have a tonne of them to choose from. I go to amazon or eBay and copy
paste a product from there.
Please also note that, don’t go crazy on the amounts, stay within safe amounts that your account can
handle. The aging process of an account should give you a rough idea of how much the account can
handle. - for those who don’t need my help with CC funds, here is an added trick.
You get a legit license to resell books there then list the e-book you choose on getdpd site. This
technique helps when you dealing with chargebacks. You can provide the license and prove you
delivered the book and 70% of the times the Chargeback is lifted.
when trying this method, you will need well aged accounts – US accounts work best but any well
aged account will do.
When teaching you the method I will give you some pretty good BINs I have been using. You
will get my jabber down there; in case you need to learn how to pull this off.


There are people who will argue that having your own e-commerce site is good. It is a good an idea,
but personally I don’t like it. Here are my reasons, there is a certain % to which PayPal allows
fraudulent transactions before they blacklist you. So with close to 100% of your transactions going to
CB, means you will be dead in a few. Also before you can do big amounts, you need to age the
ecommerce site and such bullshit. You don’t have to go through all this when using a public
ecommerce. The work has already been done for you.
People make carding look very hard. I will give you how I do my carding (a comprehensive guide is on the way) I will buy a hacked RDP from the money auto shop out there, you need to patch it and ensure there are no open ports on it - here you can use two ways, you can use SSH with bitveise app or proxy with proxifier. Reason for this is because you might be using a database RDP. If you are using fullz with useragent, install AD or FF to reduce fraud score on your setup. When you have the setup ready, go ahead to build some genuine cookies like googling eBay and maybe YouTube. The point here is to look as legit as fuck.


I am not a fun of card checking, however the process is very crucial if you don’t want to waste your time. Problem with this is, there are some processes used to check cards that kills them. If you want to check your card whether its live or dead, you can use if the card accepts to be added, then the card is live.
There also people who insist on knowing the balance, there are two ways to do this, you can call the bank or pull out the CH credit report. From the card BIN and their address, you can get contacts to the branch they likely bank with and get the bank contact centre. Credit report only gives you a vague idea of the financial status of the cardholder.
RDP RULES – Always try to get fresh hacked RDP running legit OS. By legit I mean win7/win8 or win10. Stay away from RDPs running win server, PayPal and other processers will flag your process because of this simple mistake.
There are people who get a RDP and use it over and over. You may be wondering how this is possible. Here is an explanation, with the use of socks/SSH and AD or FF. with this tools you are able to use the same RDP for a number of works. However, you will need CC cleaners, HDD serial number changer and mac address changer (this will be well covered in a guide that is coming out soon). When choosing RDP, get one that will allow you to install software. You can also use portable apps that are readily available everywhere.
www. – before you do anything regarding PayPal, always check your score on the site provided. It should be one or less than one. Always stay from RDPs that don’t have real OS on them. This simply means stay away from windows server.


There are people who go sick when they hear of this old method. Most people hate this method because they think it’s an easy method and hence end up doing everything wrong. When you follow the steps well, you will be able to get profit from method.
a. Get yourself a well-aged US business account – US is best to handle good big amounts

b. Do not use a new eBay account. Buy a hacked one with good 100% reputation. Most vendors and experts recommend 15-20 transactions on the account.

c. This step is very crucial and has two ways to do it. There are people who will bomb the owner of the eBay account and there are those who will turn off notification on the eBay account. – choose one that suites you.

d. The forth step is to connect your PayPal account to the eBay account.

e. Now make a listing of a commodity that is in demand. Good example is an iPhone at close to ½ price. There is also another technique where you put the price to be 0 and make buyers bid war on it.

f. You should clearly state that you might need a number of days to ship the product.

g. When you get a buyer, they will give you their shipping address. Look up their zip code and
get a public office with the same zip code and ship a random stuff there. Requiring signature
will add another layer to help you fight CB.

h. If the above steps are well followed, I will guarantee you 7-14 days before CB hits your
account. You can repeat the process after 24-36hrs. and please don’t forget, when you
receive the funds give them 12hrs to sit in the account before you cash them out – you will
thank me later.
There are people who decide to take the longer route. Where they do everything as described
above, however they will age their own eBay and PayPal accounts for 3 months together. This is a
good method if you are patient enough and you got the capital to invest.

3. Build your own capital

There are a few people who call this method chargeback method. This is one method that PayPal can
do no shit about. It’s a basic method where you get a buyer PayPal account and a seller PayPal
account (best to be a business account.) you will load cash to the buyer account and make a goods
and service transfer to your seller account. When seller withdraws money, you go to buyer account
and start a dispute on the payment. Since you are also the seller, you don’t respond and within 10
days the money is returned to the buyer account. If you decide to do this, you will need military
OPSEC because you will be directly costing PayPal money. There are endless ways to exploit this, you
only need a small imagination – you can contact me for some worth pointers.


This is a topic I usually don’t teach a lot. Reason being that there are a lot of ways to cash
out funds. And these ways work different for different countries or for different people. However, I
will go through a few common methods and add a few tips here and there. Let me mention a few:
1. PayPal prepaid card
2. PayPal to a VCC card
4. EBay gift cards method
5. Bank drops
When you dealing with PayPal prepaid cards, you only need to be in the US and withdraw at an
ATM. The problem with this method is the limitation to the fact that, you need to be in the US
and you need to have a drop address to order the card. A good example of such a card is
PayPal to a VCC method used to be a big method, we used to make big cash them. However,
PayPal saw the trend and its blocking most VCC cards. Actually it’s even becoming hard to verify
a PayPal card with the VCC.

What You Need
In order to buy bitcoin with PayPal through the Wirex platform, you need:

• a PayPal account registered through any of the supported countries listed above;

• a verified Wirex account , and;

• a Wirex Visa card. Redeem you first virtual Visa debit card for free from these links:
Android | iOS

• as always age the relationship between the PayPal account and the wirex card. I
mean pass a few clean transactional charges through the setup. In all we do is to
make the system love us.

There is someone who is telling me he is experiencing problems with wirex card on PayPal.
Seems like PayPal is blocking all prepaid cards. As I said before cashing out I rarely help with it.
PayPal is slowly closing all our methods. You get the idea of the VCC though, get creative and
look for other cards that work with PayPal. is a really good method,
however you will need sometimes to age the PayPal and wesellcrypto relationship. You are
able to convert your funds to bitcoins instant. You will need docs and time to age and get to
some decent amounts per day.
They are also closing purchases on this site for a while now. Read the reddit site
provided down there and you will see the discussion.
I rarely use the eBay gift method. You go to PayPal digital gifts and buy eBay gifts and then head
to eBay and buy your own listing there or buy something you can easily sell and recover the
money. As I always say don’t do all your shit on one PayPal.
Using a bank drop is fucking straight forward. You need a bank drop you have access to, then
add it to your PayPal and withdraw funds to it. May take a few days but when the money is in
your account, there is little PayPal can do.



I will not provide much of this because most people trust their dealers. However, I will give you good
BINs that I personal work with and work like a charm. (please share some auto shops and vendors so
we can help each other)
Citi world: 546616 - if you get an old profile Citi card, you will get good success rate
Chase platinum: 426690
Capital one platinum: 517805
Citibank signature: 414711
- the BINs provided should not limit you, try things out, that’s the only way you get
to learn and add a few tricks to your methods.
I will also provide you with some French BINs I use when it comes to PayPal carding – I will
give you this when am tutoring the live part.


I do provide MMs with age or fresh and most of them come with RDP backed with socks5. However,
sometimes I clogged with orders and might delay your process, you can buy from paypalgod_2 and
tyrion14 – I recommend this two because they are readily available on the trade route market. You
can also choose to make your own PayPal’s drops. You only need good fullz that are fully checked for
fraud and with good credit score. You get their doc scans ready and invest in quality RDP – it’s
advisable to use socks because there are some RDP with data centre IPs and this will make your
account very weak no matter how age or time age it. When account is 100% verified, you go and
start aging process as shown above. - a good source of accounts too.


This one topic that is hard to cover – there is no one sure way to do it. There is always a 20% fail
rate with PayPal credit lines. You might do everything correctly but there will be an error when you
try to create or cashout the account. We shall bank on the 80% success rate by doing everything the
right way.
I should also bring this in the clear – if you do not have the time or money to invest, please don’t try
working with PayPal credit. You will only be disappointed and end up wasting your time.


There are a number of ways to make this lines, but you should not go the way. The
problem with that method is because you will need to wait for long before you can use your credit.
There are people who estimate the waiting time to 60 days. You should note early that how you
create the account determines how effective or easy your cashout will be.


You will need to get quality fullz that have a relatively high credit score and are not flagged on
fraud. With the fullz, create a PayPal account and verify it fully. By verifying fully, I mean docs,
numbers and credit card/bank on the PayPal should be verified. The next step is crucial, you will
then go on eBay and look for a physical listing for let’s say 10-100usd (to increase on success rate,
ensure the vendor has good feedback on eBay) on the bottom of the eBay listing, you will see
“apply for PayPal credit”.
For the method to work 100% without errors, ensure all your details match – address, phone
numbers and other relevant details. Please please stay away from non-mainstream email providers
like you will have much success with Gmail and/or yahoo. When you get everything right,
you should be accepted.
When you get accepted and you log in, you will have to replace the landline number on the fullz
with a number you have control over. I would have recommended google voice, but this increase
your fraud score. Part of my guide shows you how to get non VOIP numbers easily. If all goes well,
you should then find a physical item and send it to the fullz address – here you should choose the
longest shipping time and/or look for those real vendors that claim to ship out in 3-7 days. When
package is sent, it’s an indirect way of verifying the address.


This 2nd method involves creating a PayPal account with good fullz and have the account fully
verified. Next step is to deposit clean funds on the account and start buying physical listing on eBay,
please stay from digital listings. After some random purchases, on the 2nd or 3rd week use the above
method to apply for PayPal credit (METHOD A above). The purchases you made before applying for
credit line, makes the account stronger and PayPal trusts the account more. These are the factors
that make it easy when you get to the cashing out part. Give your account a resting period of 7 days
before you can make any purchase with the credit line.
You should know that, you will always have problems when buying using credit lines. Follow the
steps well and you will only deal with 20% failure rate.
There was a client who asked me about the problem that comes with the fullz owner receiving the
packages. Here are a few pointers I can through at you:

a. There are people who will send rubbish things to the address. This trick ensures the fullz
owner will through away the package. Dildo, used condoms – you get creative at this point.

b. There are people who will send the package as a gift. If the owner is man, just tell the vendor
to write, “am gay and I like you a lot” something like that.


There are experts who claim this to be the best method. Personally it’s a good method, problem is.
the method is time consuming and needs a considerable investment to pull it off.
Get quality fullz and create a PayPal account. Have the account fully verified – SSN, CC, attached
bank drop, numbers etc. etc. have the account hosted on a clean setup running residential IP not
data centre shit. I taught you on how to age accounts effective earlier on, you should use the
account to sell to legit buyers (use the account like a business seller account). This is easy for US
people, however if you are not in the US, you can buy a cheap shit on amazon and have it sent to
the fullz address (I gave you ideas on how to deal with this). Don’t make it easy for PayPal to see a
trend – ensure your purchases range from 50-1000usd. All depends on the investment you ready to
If you follow all this steps to the latter, you will get approved for credit really easy. When you are
approved, you will have a very smooth cashout process. Because the account is aged and have
previous purchases. (importance of aging)


PayPal credit fraud is one of the most unpredictable fraud game. So when you get declined a
number of times, you should not through away your account. PayPal is an unpredictable bitch, so
hold on in there.
Social engineering – with the right words and good English accent there is a lot you can do with this.
Simply, the methods involve calling PayPal support and creating a bullshit story that is believable.
The most way I have had it working is when I get a female attendant, I will tell her am proposing to
my girlfriend or wife tomorrow and it’s her birthday. Don’t forget to mention that you got a good
credit score and you will pay as usual. If you sell your story, you will be able to move close to the
whole amount of your credit amount. For this to work, you need the account to be US business and
have the account well aged. This is the receiving account it should have the ability to receive the
amounts you want approved. Having an e-comm shop that accept express checkout or paypal pro,
should do the trick.
You should also ensure you can send documents and/or offer phone verification, if they require it. I
would have added other pointers, but this is where your creativity comes in.
Multiple purchases – this is an easy method; problem is that it might take longer. You will need to
make small payments to multiple business accounts. Avoid sending to the same account because
this raises your fraud score. You will scale this up using ecomm stores and express checkout plugins.
As always age the receiving accounts, then start making payments 100-200 per transactions space
the orders 1-2 days. Keep the amounts random, ensure PayPal does not see the trend. Please get
me on jabber if you find it hard understanding anything explained here.
Subscription method – this is a pretty new method. Where you subscribe recurring payments using
your PayPal credit line and payments made to your business account. We shall use an ecomm site
to pull this off. You just need to go to your PayPal settings and then manage pre-approved
payments and the rest is straight forward. If you need help am here to help you. From there you
can easily subscribe for 100usd per payment (this is determined by how well the receiving account
is aged). Personally, I will recommend this method for low balanced pp credit lines.
There are a lot of ways to cashout PayPal credit lines – for instances there are in store shops that
allow you to buy using credit lines – I won’t cover this because they are only limited to a number of
people. However, this is a straight forward method. If you think it can work for you, just jabber me
and I will give you quick pointers to it.
A little reminder here, when dealing with e-comm site, ensure that the site looks legit af – the site
should have SSL certificates so that PayPal trusts your site enough. There are those who are lazy to
make their own e-comm sites – you can buy them off paypalgod used to have a complete setup am
not sure if he is still offering them. You can easily make your shop here and make the cashouts easily.

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Have PMed.
Hi, all !!

hugostheman wrote:

I give you the manual about PayPal, maybe you'll learn something new from this material...


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good info, no need to buy any shitty guides now lol


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Well this is really helpful for Noobs. keep it up


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How send friend and family payments from a middlemen account to other pp account?


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luzy wrote:

How send friend and family payments from a middlemen account to other pp account?

Its better never to send F/F payments. It gives to receiver account sending block. It is better to send as goods/service and mark as order processed/service rendered for receiver account. Then funds will be released after 7 days. Or you can buy a tracking number for from our store Info.Zone/ for $30. You will get your payment released in 24 hours.


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whats a good site for uk cc?

>>> PayPal Credit Cashouts <<<
>>> PayPal Debit Card Drop, Receive for Cashing out INSTANT/ USA Bank Debit Drop <<<


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First of all, thank you very much for providing such a good article.   And Can you tell me the contact information of the original author? I want to talk to him.


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hongda wrote:

First of all, thank you very much for providing such a good article.   And Can you tell me the contact information of the original author? I want to talk to him.

am the author of the guide.


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Someone have a good cashout method who works actually?


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Someone have a good cashout method who works actually?

bank drop


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Re: PayPal manual FREE!

And do you have trusted providers? And is it possible to link with an ato-ed account without risk to limit the account?

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Re: PayPal manual FREE!

new bank drop to atoed - they can ask you for sms verification - do you have phone of that atoed account?)


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Re: PayPal manual FREE!

Good read. Thanks for the guide!


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Re: PayPal manual FREE!

Wow you are simply the best, i really enjoyed your tutorial they are well detailed and very straight forward


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