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Hi guys, just giving away some free advice from past experiences I have had that might hopefully help people out who have accounts limited that are not able to have the limit lifted using documents. This works for new accounts and ATOED account as long as you have aged the accounts using your own mm to send the funds.

First off  when buying an ATOED account or creating a NEW account, you need to age it, An atoed account can be used to instantly send money too but it is always best to age it a little. Now the way I age accounts is by having multiple MM accounts that always send to 3 MAIN cashout accounts. on as 700$ transfer i will send 80-95% of the money to them for me to make my money, the balance (5%-20%) is used to aged my new accounts that i eventually plan to send COMT transfers to. So here is as follows, first time 95% to MAIN and 5% to NEW, second transaction, 90% to MAIN 10% to new, and just follow the pattern, you can start to send more and more to the newer accounts until you hit the 300-1000$ transactions mark. You want to be sure to send the transfers as G&S and always mark as shipped without a tracking. After some time of sending transfers like this you will be able to finally send transfers from COMT. Now IF EVER you are limited you need to submit documents. I suggest complying with paypal as there is always a good chance of restoring it. If you cant, fear not there is always a way to save some of that money sitting in your account. Make sure your balance stays positive by adding a tracking to ensure there is no refund from COMT payments. After doing so wait a week or so and start to refund payments by contacting them. Make sure your are asking them to refund only the payments you made from your MM account to age the account. Also make sure the account you are refunding is not burned either. After you refund the payments you should be close to a zero balance. The account must have money in it or paypal will not refund your mm accounts. NOW if you want to push even further you can login to the MM accounts that sent the payments and start to dispute transactions as items not received, and since you only marked as shipped without tracking there is no tangible proof you ever received anything. So after 10 days paypal will refund these payments as well. Try to devide the disputers among multiple accounts as too many disputed on 1 account will possible give you issues on your accounts in good standing. It is important not to respond to the dispute claim from your limited accounts to get these payments refunded.

So thats it, its a long process, but at least all will not be lost. Make sure your opsec is good so paypal doesnt link all the accounts together. This guide is for advanced users mostly but im sure others can profit from this knowledge as well.

If you need documents for the limited accounts see my thread here http://flkcpcprcfouwj33.onion/viewtopic.php?id=3836

if you need tracking numbers to ensure winning CB see my thread here http://flkcpcprcfouwj33.onion/viewtopic.php?id=3975

And if you need MM accounts see my thread here http://flkcpcprcfouwj33.onion/viewtopic.php?id=3861

I dont mind helping the community, but if you dont understand this guide its because you are not ready for this step, so please dont spam my inbox asking for help. I am not a teacher. I am already flooded with work, i do not have time to teach you guys step by step.

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