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Get $10 Free Every time you create a new US Drop-

Okay so first there are some requirements for this method to work.

1. TextNow account

2. Payeer account

3. New PayPal US account

So what you will do with the TextNow account is that you will use it to verify the new PayPal account you made. The Payeer account is to create a virtual credit card.

You will also use the TextNow account to call PayPal customer service (TextNow got a app on Android devices idk about apple)

After you create the 3 accounts and get a Payeer credit card, you will add it on PayPal.

It won't add and will show you a error, and that's where you will need to call PayPal.

Their call bot is stupid, just manage to speak to a representative and tell him that you made a new account and you were trying to add the credit card and I got a error saying (The error you had). If they ask if it is a prepaid card say yes, don't tell them that it is a virtual card. Once they see that your account is new, they will give you $10 free voucher! you can use it to buy things from pages like or!

Enjoy the method and don't forget to abuse it to get free money wink

One more thing : You can also make your own account and make a product then buy it with the $10 voucher you got so if you want to transfer the $10 to your main PayPal account you can do this smile

Note : The PayPal account must be personal not business one!

**Proof of payment:****

********RINSE and REPEAT*************

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