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Teaching! How to age your own drops (Not free)

hi all

i want to know if there is interest and buyers for lessons on how to age your own drops!! Very specific method, by jabber/teamviewer (if needed). RDPs based, so you will have static IP and no issues getting more IPs. I will provide site where to get these RDPs. I will teach you the unspoken paypal guidelines on this country that I learned. I will pretty much teach you everything you would need.

Price however will be $1000 per head. This is pennies for how much you will be making because of the scalability of the method. I will start with the service when I have interest of 10 members at least. I'm hoping for like 40 people, because that's my guarantee that this is not an easily saturated method. I know those rules for this country, back and forth. You need money to make money. That's the rules here and on the clearnet.

You will get:
RDP Source
Account making checklist
getting clean transfers
unspoken paypal rules (when to send, how much to send, ways to avoid "cannot send payment", etc.)

Full transparency, these are drops to receive and send transfers. Cashout is not included. This is why you all see me working a lot with rokoko's cashout service. My old cashout routine has been patched and no longer viable.

Please reply on the thread if you want to buy, we begin at 10 people.


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