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How to use a clean and effective transfer to accept the supplier's mo

Administrator PM said I made the wrong section, re-issued here

I can use other people's information to create PayPal, I usually do two months before the purchase transfer will do all the preparation, i have the relevant knowledge, but i have no team.
First i send some advice, how i use my accounts. First and most important to use long-stable, private, clean IP address. It is very very important, because a shit IP can kill the account, and with a shit IP there is chance to not be able to use the account. So VPN, VIP72, luxsocks and other shit proxy providers are useless. These providers provide short time using IP's for carding. But paypal needs that kind of proxy what they can't check is it fraudster proxy. Just think about if we purchase these proxy providers for few $, don't you think they can't obtain these proxy list? Of course they can! A bit better to use VPS/RDP or clear web DEDICATED proxy provider. It is even not so good, because these IP's came from well known datacenter, which is even easily detectable. But with these IPs there is chance to accept by the pp bots. But as i wrote needs many patience. The best to use hacked RDP or SSH. Both are real computer with real IP addres, so paypal can't detect it as datacenter IP or fraudster proxies. Of course it is possible to buy shit hacked RDP or SSH, but the well known providers have checkers in their sites, so we can check the IP before buy them. So in short this is what i can say about IP's.
Now i send some advice, how i use the accounts. Now i have to go, so if you will have more question just feel free to ask, but i will be able to answer tomorrow.

I often use hackers to attack RDP to my own account.
coure socks or SSH is also nice if you can find unused and clean.
But it's easier to find a clean hacker RDP! Buy socks or
VPS from clearnet, there is a high chance
Intellectual property was previously used on PayPal.
Very low chance to get virgin IP.
You can view your agent scores on this website:
If it returns more than 0.5-0.6 I just deleted the IP.
If you return 1, IP is useless!
First i create a Chinese account because he does not need any shit VCC, and i have plenty of information to give you a choice, he can only be used to receive payment
pp I verified and attached the phone (I am using Google Voice account.
This is not very good because paypal does not accept it and takes more time to bypass the phone to verify by sending money instead of the real phone! I do not know how many days, because I always started my account before 5-6 weeks before I used them. )
After 24 hours, I received a small amount of clean money
20-30 $ from my other account or from
localbitcoins! Wait for another 24 hours after I try
Send money to my other account or do one
purchase. If i can not make money (unfortunately almost always happens)
I have to wait for some time to wait 1-2 weeks.
PP is a patience game! When i can not pass the money for a week, i just give up RDP and find another!
The first time I can remit money from my account
I do some clean transfer again.
Usually do 3 clean transfer (20 $, 50-70 $ and last 100-120 $)
But I have always liked to make my account look the most reliable
After 3-4 times a clean transfer, I received a dirty transfer, I repeated it many times because the refund did not hit the account!
There is more do not understand please consult me,
my English is not very good, may take some time


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Re: How to use a clean and effective transfer to accept the supplier's mo

Thank you bro.. It's a good job.  Let's Go


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